Strategies to Resolve Conflict Over Deeply Held Values

Curated by Olivia

By: Katie Shonk for Harvard Law School Daily Blog

The key takeaways from this article on strategies to resolve conflict over deeply held values are:

  1. Highlight the Most Efficient Solution: Instead of making concessions on all issues, negotiators can achieve better outcomes by making tradeoffs across issues. This approach allows them to protect and prioritize their core values while still finding areas of compromise.
  2. Offer a Concession on a Core Value: Making a symbolic concession on one of your key principles or beliefs can induce cooperation in a value conflict. This strategy shows your seriousness and may inspire reciprocation from the other party.
  3. Affirm the Other Side’s Positive Qualities: Recognizing and acknowledging the positive qualities of the other party can be effective in maximizing joint outcomes in value conflicts. Focusing on shared identity or transaction costs may be less effective in such situations.

These strategies can help negotiators navigate conflicts involving deeply held values and move towards resolution while preserving important principles and relationships.

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