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How to Take Compliments

Even as a seasoned Executive Director, Coach, and Facilitator I still struggle at times with praise of any kind. A good friend of mine challenged me to work on this so that people don’t get the wrong idea when I quickly deflect or minimize the compliment being shared with me.

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Asking Better Questions

It’s been a goal of mine to ask better questions, I think it’s fulfilling to learn about the lives and experiences of the people around me. According to the Harvard Business Review “the first step in becoming a better questioner is simply to ask more questions.

Tips & Tools

15 Holiday Travel Tips for a Less Stressful Festive Season

As the holiday season approaches, the excitement of festive gatherings and winter wonderlands is often accompanied by the stress of holiday travel. In our latest blog post, we’ve curated 15 invaluable tips to ensure your holiday journeys are filled with joy and relaxation rather than chaos and stress.

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