How To Talk To Your Kids About Work During The Pandemic

Curated by Adrian Ruiz

An activity and a discussion guide by Jacqueline Zeller

Admit it. You did not think we would be in a quarantine situation for this long. Truth is it looks like we will be on the runway waiting for take-off a lot longer than any of us fathomed way back in March of this year. Our children are getting a glimpse into what we do for a living in ways that may have them wondering about what work is and what it might look like for them when they grow up. Jacqueline Zeller, a psychologist with a background in education, says it can be useful for caregivers and children to talk about these changes. She provides an activity and a discussion guide to help parents have conversations about pandemic-era work with their young children. By talking about their professional lives, parents and caregivers can better understand their children’s perspectives on work, how their kids think about their own possible futures in the workforce, and how best to support their children today.

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