Season 7 Episode 64: Linda Farley Discusses Girl Scouts

In this episode, Linda Farley discusses The Girl Scouts. Her extensive experience takes us on a journey through the rich history and impactful initiatives of the organization. Learn how this renowned organization has been shaping young minds and instilling leadership skills for generations.

Season 7 Episode 63: Tina Garcia and Maria Segoviano

In this episode, Tina Garcia and Maria Segoviano, are alum of Nueva Epoca’s Cohort IV. Tina and Maria share their inspiring journeys as Latinas in the leadership community. Learn how they’ve embraced change, navigated challenges, and carved out paths for themselves in their personal and professional lives. They provide valuable insights into breaking barriers, fostering […]

Season 7 Episode 62: Dr. Steve Olmos Discusses Visions in Education

In this episode, Dr. Steve Olmos discusses Visions in Education. He talks about the mission to redefine public education as we offer tuition-free, personalized learning opportunities. Dr. Steve Olmos touches on how Visions in Education can empower homeschooling families with the resources and support they need to succeed. Tune in to this week’s episode to […]

How to tell your friends you’re not OK when they ask how you are

Part of connecting to others is being able to experience some vulnerability. It can be incredibly difficult for people to share with others, even close friends or family. If you are working towards more frequent or authentic vulnerability check out these tips from Stylist.

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