There isn’t enough words to give you the amount of gratitude I have for you Doni! Thank you, thank you, thank you for my every Friday challenge to be a better person, a better person of color, a better version of myself and a better professional!

I very much look forward in working with you and the rest of the advisory boards, cohort 1, and supporters to take this to a whole other level!

by Armando Salud, Nueva Epoca Program Senior Fellow-Cohort I 2021 (Facebook Post)

I am comfortable teaching the students, I feel comfortable within my classroom space, but working with my peer adults I feel is one of my greatest challenges. I feel that YDN has given me a lot of tools in order to be able to overcome those challenges and work in a more cohesive group.


Neat program, good underlying research, fun activities – great job!

by Origin Materials

Thanks to Trao, Tico and others who in one way or another has helped me to better understand who “I am”. Now I have a better way of seeing people, situations, my strengths and struggles.

by Sandra Jonah, Student, Montgomery Adult School

Soaring with your strengths! Thank you for providing me an insight into my strengths. I seldom look at my values. Now I know those traits will only get better is exercised.

by Lili Flores, Educational Research Specialist, Chula Vista Adult School/SUHSD

I think starting these conversations is refreshing to the organization & further shows what a great company we are but also a reminder to continue to active pursue being a cohesive team.

by Origin Materials Intro to Strengths Participant

[Strengths-Based Leadership] was a great reminder of what we can provide our clients with despite hard times we are going through (hope, compassion, trust, stability and etc).

by Yolo County Participant

I was the quiet one who couldn’t even stand up in front of the class to do a presentation. My hands would shake, my whole body would shake, my voice would crack, and now I’m standing in front of hundreds of people and leading them and it’s just crazy to think back at that person I was and to see the growth that I’ve had because of the support of YDN.

by Jennyann Gallo – Youth Facilitator

I feel fortunate to have experienced this training so early in the development of our Fire Fighter Youth Academy Program. This will be a valuable tool to help us ensure we are delivering quality learning while having fun with youth.

by Kim Iannucci, Assistant Chief, Sacramento Fire Department

I didn’t really know about my strengths that much and just coming here and seeing what my strengths are and actually seeing how they play out in my everyday life, it was just something new for me. It’s definitely something I can take back when I go back home.

by Natalie, Camper, SWAV Youth Leadership Camp 2019

It just made me excited and wanting to more with my voice and making me realize I have one.

by Kairi, Youth Facilitator, SWAV Youth Leadership Camp 2019

This camp really has pushed me forward into being more social, coming out of the shadows, stepping forward, and just being myself. I can’t thank this camp enough.

by Victor Nuno, Youth Facilitator, SWAV Youth Leadership Camp 2019

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