Why work with YDN?

  • Strengthen your Company & build dynamic teams
  • Create a better culture and climate for staff and those you serve
  • Develop staff through a strengths-based lens
  • Create a culturally relevant environment
  • Train staff in the Human Development Approach
  • Learn to host engaging live and virtual meetings
  • Identify organizational mission, vision, and core values
  • Support in designing new programs or offerings
  • Create a common language through understanding strengths
  • Create hope, compassion, trust, and stability for your workforce


Culture & Climate

Establishing the ideal culture is more than paying attention to the physical environment. YDN assists in creating the ideal culture and climate through awareness of individual’s attitude or perceptions of the physical, social, and working components of the environment. By understanding the process of group formation (Inclusion, Influence, and Community), teams will have opportunities to develop healthy relationships with their peers and leadership team through engaging and meaningful interactive activities.

Strategic Planning, Design Thinking, and Other Key Services

Successful organizations are dependent on hearing the voices of all shareholders. This includes utilizing the contributions of each person on your team. Through tools like Lego Serious Play the YDN team can help you discover the landscape and emerging themes of your organization to succeed in the age of disruption. The YDN team also offers a variety of other trainings and services that can be combined with others or customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Strengths-Based Development

The CliftonStrengths Assessment tool unlocks a world of possibilities for you, and your staff. The YDN team offers a variety of trainings and activities that can help you explore and develop these new areas. From Strengths-Based Leadership Training and all staff Strengths Institutes to One-on-One Strengths Coaching Sessions the YDN team has a Strengths Development course for any size group or organization.

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Resources & Research

Beyond Text: Constructing Organizational Identity Multimodally

Organizational scholars have proposed a broad range of theoretical approaches to the study of organizational identity. However, empirical studies on the construct have relied on text-based organizational identity descriptions, with little exploration of multiple intelligences, emotions and individual/collective identity representations. This paper reviews the empirical literature on organizational identity, and proposes a novel method for empirical study using three-dimensional construction toy materials.

The Relationship Between Employee Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Corporation Culture

This study examines the relationships between employee motivation, job satisfaction and corporate culture. It discusses how employees’ perceptions of the organizational culture related directly to their level of job satisfaction and how this correlation can be used to increase employee motivation and job satisfaction, which ultimately determine organizational performance.

I think starting these conversations is refreshing to the organization & further shows what a great company we are but also a reminder to continue to active pursue being a cohesive team.

by Origin Materials Intro to Strengths Participant

Thanks to YDN’s training, coaching and technical support, employee engagement has increased, staff turnover has fallen to record lows, and our team reports enjoying the work that they do each day.

by Dr. Tico Zendejas, Executive Director, RISE Inc.

Incorporating Strengths Into Your Work Culture

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