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YDN is Hiring – Facilitator – Trainer Position

Are you inspired by the power of strengths and relationships?  Do you believe that people who know their strengths and talents—and who feel connected to their peers and community–are amazing individuals who often lead and change the world?  Are you interested in joining a team of diverse people who have these beliefs and who support […]

Nueva Epoca

Nueva Epoca: A leadership program whose time has come

The goal of the Program is to build leadership capacity within the Community in order to prepare and empower the next generation of Latinx leaders to influence business and civic policy decisions as we enter a Nueva Epoca – New Era – following the pandemic. Learn more…


How do we raise kids to fight racism?

I am a first-time mother of a 10-month-old, Manny. He is all the rays of sunshine that beam on me every day. As he continues to grow day after day, he is discovering the world and taking it in for what it is; which is not always sunshine and rainbows. Because of activists like Ibram […]

Ear Candy

Godspeed – Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s lyrics of letting love go has so much of a different meaning to me now as a mama then when I first heard it in 2016 going through relationship heartbreak. To all my changemakers watching your little ones grow, this one is for you.

Tips & Tools

9 Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is a form of self-care. It will help you with your self-esteem and self-respect. It will allow you to set distances you want others to approach. Set your healthy boundaries and find your peace.


Great books about identity and culture

In case you’re looking for some kind of summer reading a great place to start is NPR’s Books We Love Series. This episode is all about identity and culture, take a quick listen and find out why Karen Grigsby Bates recommends “The Love Songs Of W.E.B. Dubois” by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers, “Seven Days In June” by Tia […]

Praise Our Peeps

Teen Art Labs at the Crocker

This is a special program for young adults interested in taking a deeper dive into the visual arts. This program not only offers participants an opportunity to explore various art mediums, but it uses the fine art in the Crocker’s collection as a point of inspiration. Crocker staff and local artists will drop in to […]

Tips & Tools

Why we need rituals, not routines

“It turns out, even great writers like Franz Kafka and Virginia Woolf found writing to be an arduous task. What made the work a little bit easier, he discovered, was their commitment to a daily ritual… This encourages a mindful approach to basic tasks, imbuing them with a transformational ethos. It can be as simple as […]

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

“…and that visibility which makes us most vulnerable is that which also is the source of our greatest strength.” ― Audre Lorde


Schools are struggling to meet rising mental health needs, data shows

Laura MecklerWashington PostMay 31, 2022 Excerpt: “The survey found that mental health needs were acute not just for students, but for school employees, too. About 3 in 10 schools reported an increase in workers seeking school-based mental health services, and 6 in 10 reported a rise in staffers’ concern over their own or their colleagues’ […]

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