Cultivating Happiness

Curated by Vicki Stockbridge

We all want to be happy. But is becoming happier even possible? These five tips can show you how to get more joy and satisfaction out of life.
Tip 1: Train your brain to be more positive
Tip 2: Nurture and enjoy your relationships
Tip 3: Live in the moment and savor life’s pleasures
Tip 4: Focus on helping others and living with meaning
Tip 5: Take better care of your health

Researchers in the field of positive psychology have found that you can genuinely increase your happiness and overall satisfaction with life—and it doesn’t require a winning lottery ticket or some other drastic change of circumstances. What it takes is an inner change of perspective and attitude. And that’s truly good news because it’s something anyone can do.
This article is filled with myths and facts about happiness; activities to try for each of the 5 tips, includes a couple of meditation audio files. Check out the full article.

5 Things You Can Do Now.

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