Celebrating 25 Million People Who Knows Their CliftonStrengths

Curated by Trao Thao

About 30 years ago, Dr. Don Clifton hoped that someday a million people would come to harness the power of their innate pattern of thought, feeling, and behavior. By doing so, individuals can learn to double-down on what makes them great and help them strive for success. Earlier this month, the CliftonStrengths assessment has been completed 25 million times from people all over the world. Gallup was able to analyzed and aggregated the data and here is what they found:

  1. Race, gender and nationality indicate almost nothing about a person’s strengths. The tremendous variability in strengths profiles all over the world affirms Dr. Clifton’s insights about the unique value of every individual.
  2. Strengths affect team performance, especially when they’re coached.
  3. A strengths-based philosophy improves employee engagement for stronger performance outcomes.

To dive deeper into the data/findings, you can read the full article here.

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