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The 7-Day Happiness Challenge

“If you take this seven-day challenge and if you commit yourself to doing all of these things without cheating, not only you will know what makes happy people happy, but at the end of the challenge, you might also experience that happiness for yourself.”  You can check out the full article here.


Schools are struggling to meet rising mental health needs, data shows

Laura MecklerWashington PostMay 31, 2022 Excerpt: “The survey found that mental health needs were acute not just for students, but for school employees, too. About 3 in 10 schools reported an increase in workers seeking school-based mental health services, and 6 in 10 reported a rise in staffers’ concern over their own or their colleagues’ […]

Praise Our Peeps

Props to The Mid City CAN Youth Council Straight Outta San Diego!

The Mid City CAN Youth Council envisions a world where young people thrive and everything is possible when we invest in education, not incarceration. They believe, with proper support, all young people can participate meaningfully in decision-making.  They are a group of young people, ages 13-18, who want to create change in Southeast San Diego’s […]

Tips & Tools

3 TikTok Tips for Non Profits

With users spending more than 14 hours per month on the app (Statista), your organization has the potential to reach users multiple times. The question is, how exactly can your nonprofit organization leverage TikTok to gain more donors? Here are three valuable tops to get you started.

Ear Candy

Ear Candy of the Week – Linda Linda’s- NPR Tiny Desk Concert

My favorite punk-rock band of the moment happens to have a drummer who is 11 years old. These four young women hold their own as they deliver songs like Racist Sexist Boy, Cuántas Veces, and Talking To Myself. Ain’t no power like the power of the youth because the power of the youth don’t stop!


What it really takes to keep schools open during the omicron surge

This article captures the difficulty in keeping schools open during the rise in omicron cases. Educators, thank you for everything that you are doing for our youth and families. If you don’t hear this often enough out there right now, let us say; “Thank you and you are loved for your sacrifice and care of […]

Ear Candy

Spiderman – The Ramones

By now most have you have seen the latest installment of the Spiderman movie series but have you ever heard The Spiderman Theme Song recorded by The Ramones or seen the music video? Pure Adrenaline!

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