Improving Sleep Through Mindfulness Meditation

Curated by Vicki Stockbridge

The site has an abundant amount of research materials and resources. This week I found myself investigating ways that I can feel better rested in the mornings. I came across this article released in early February that included a recommendation for 3 audios and 4 podcasts to help you sleep.

In the article, they discuss how mindful techniques and supportive environments improve our sleep. They review tools including audio, podcasts, apps, and meditations that can ground ourselves in the present and turn off the nighttime. mental chatter.

Top 3 Audios to Help You Sleep
Music or soundscapes – immersive acoustic environments – can offer a calming environment to promote a sense of mindfulness and mental wellbeing, providing relief from the day’s stress and ongoing feelings of anxiety.

Research into patients with post-traumatic stress disorder found that relaxing music at bedtime improved sleep efficiency and reduced levels of depression (Blanaru et al., 2012).

The following musical landscapes may help you unwind and improve your chance of quality sleep, consistent with research that has uncovered links between music and mindfulness (Diaz, 2011).

  1. Studying Music for Concentration, Focus, Reading and Guitar Study Music
  2. The Sleeping Forecast
  3. Max Richter’s “Sleep”

4 Best Podcasts
The following podcasts include both mindfulness meditations and experiences in sound, all aiming to help you step out of the daily rush of thoughts, either by focusing on your own body or the audio experience itself.

  1. Mindfulness of Body and Breath
  2. Nothing Much Happens: Bedtime Stories to Help You Sleep
  3. Slow Radio
  4. Sleep Meditation Podcast

Review the full article for the full description and links of each of the recommendations.

The article also contains these additional helpful topics:
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* References

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