How To Reframe Fear And Seize Opportunity

Curated by Nicoda Adams

“How we manage fear matters. There isn’t a person who hasn’t questioned their abilities, leaps in careers, relationships and more. In my research and work, I had many successful women share stories about feeling fraudulent and not worthy of responsibility or promotion. This is human nature. I remind them that how we see ourselves and how others see us can differ. It’s perception versus reality. If you were given a great opportunity, that means others see your potential, impact and how you can lead toward the positive.

Being great requires you to understand what is causing this fear and overcome it. Here are some suggestions for how to do this:

  1. Consider your beliefs. When you take a closer look, are they accurate?
  2. Think about why you are lacking confidence in this moment. Understanding our triggers helps us put them in perspective and manage them. For example, if you’re considering not applying for a job that seems great, ask yourself: Why am I lacking the confidence to apply? Is it fear I will get it and have to wade into unknown terrain (fear of the unknown), fear of failure or because it means taking on more work and responsibility? Understanding the “why” helps put these reasons into perspective so we don’t let negative self-talk keep us from taking a leap. Once we identify these excuses for what they are, we can move forward and away from fear.
  3. Ask yourself: What are my thoughts and how do they relate to the reality of the situation? What story am I telling myself? Is it a fair depiction?
  4. Add “yet.” As you work through this process, add “yet” to the end of the sentence. For example, I may not be an expert in this new software … yet!”

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