Get Things Done: Here’s How to Stay on Track

Curated by Vicki Stockbridge

Creating a plan, setting boundaries, and creating a suitable environment are all key components of helping us stay focused and on track.

In this blog post, “the order expert” Rashelle Isp, a professional organizer and productivity consultant, outlines an eight-step process on how to get things done that may be beneficial to help us stress less and have more fun.

Yes, that! – Step 3 Schedule Time!

I’ve personally found it helpful to schedule time for play too – it’s been helpful to separate YDN time from play time while working from home!

Schedule time to work.

Yes, this does sound ridiculously simple, but setting aside time to do your work can make or break your chances of getting things done. If you don’t have the time now to do something, when will you do it?

If you’re totally serious about getting things done, you’ll want to specifically set aside time in your calendar. Open up your digital calendar or paper planner and write the days and times you’ll work on tasks.

Don’t cheat and try to double-book yourself. Schedule a task into a single time slot. If you have a non-urgent appointment sitting in time slot, reschedule the existing appointment right away. Make a phone call, send an email or text, and move your existing appointment to a future date.

If you can’t find open spaces of time in your schedule, you’ll need to prioritize your tasks and make some time for yourself. This may mean you’ll have to temporarily pass up one thing for another, such as trading in part of your three-hour of television binge on Tuesday night to work on your scrapbooking, or passing up Thursday’s non-mandatory office meeting to finish proofreading that report.

Still not convinced about setting aside time in your schedule so you can get things done?

Look at it this way: if you don’t make time for yourself, who will?

Don’t stop here – check out the full article to learn more about the full eight-step process

1 – Make a plan.
2 – Gather the right tools.
3 – Schedule time to work.
4 – Say “no” more often than you say “yes.”
5 – Reduce or eliminate distractions.
6 – Put in the work.
7 – Review your progress.
8 – Celebrate your accomplishments.

5 Things You Can Do Now.

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