The Power of Four Simple Words

Curated by Meg Birmingham

“Language has a lot of power.” It turns out that using—and avoiding—certain words can reframe the way we relate to our littlest loved ones. Brevity is the soul of wit? It may also be at the heart of better relationships.”  This article, while focused around our relationships with youngsters, has nuggets of insights, tips and a general way of thinking that will benefit considering within all of our relationships and future conversations.

In this article Dr. Robyn Koslowitz, PhD. includes tips on how small adjustments to the words we use and the way we speak can have on others. Discover more about two words we are encouraged to embrace, along with the two we should avoid in this article The 2 Simple Words Child Psychologists Love (and 2 They Wish Parents Would Stop Using) published November 4, 2020.

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