LEGO Group teases release of 21327 Typewriter in cryptic video

Curated by Nicoda Adams

“Over the last few months, talk has been circulating that the next LEGO Ideas set is soon to be released and that it will be 21327 Typewriter. Nothing has been confirmed by the LEGO Group or LEGO Ideas yet, but social media accounts for both companies just dropped a cryptic video that could confirm the rumours.

A woman sits at a desk, with the sound of clacking keys playing over the top. The video then cuts to black and a classic typewriter font cycles the following text across the screen: ‘Dear LEGO fans/ It’s time to start practicing your typing skills.’ The clip ends with the LEGO Ideas logo.”

We love geeking out on LEGO and can’t wait to see where this teaser goes! Learn more about the rumors and check out the teaser here!

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