Intentionally Developing Our Memory

Curated by Meg Birmingham

If you’re interested in increasing your own memory capacity there are a ton of things you can do! A lot of memory comes down to the health of your brain, so give your brain (and body) a workout, make sure you get enough sleep, manage your stress, and spend time doing things you enjoy.

To develop cultural memory on the other hand, it’s key to document symbolic heritage embodied in texts, rites, monuments, celebrations, objects, sacred scriptures and other media that serve as mnemonic triggers to initiate meanings associated with what has happened. Cultural memory is ‘the faculty that allows us to build a narrative picture of the past and through this process develop an image and an identity for ourselves’ so to intentionally develop it we have to keep the things that are important to our communities present, make space for them at the center of the things we do. Understanding cultural memory serves as an excellent starting point for cultural sustainability and well-being.

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