“How Lucky”- John Prine

Curated by Meg Birmingham

“There was all these things that I don’t think I remember. Hey, how lucky can one man get.”

“How Lucky” is arguably (subjectively) the best song on John Prine’s 1979 Album Pink Cadillac. The release of Pink Cadillac coincided with Prine’s appearance on the PBS concert series Soundstage. Prine performed “How Lucky” on acoustic guitar with John Burns on the porch of his childhood home and offered a few thoughts on the song, asking Burns “Did you ever have a whole lotta growing pains when you got somewhere around the age of thirty? I never thought that age mattered much, I just thought that age was just something that was there every year, like Christmas…Seems like I started going back over everything I’d ever done and wondered if I wanted to do it for the next thirty or not…That’s where this kind of started.”

More recently, even though it has nothing to do with memories (except my own), Prine covered “Love at the Five & Dime” to honor the late Nanci Griffith. An excellent tribute and even better bonus Ear Candy.

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