How A Tik Tok Challenge Led to Giving Back

Curated by Nicoda Adams

A classroom in Northern California is making a big impact through a challenge to give back to the community. What began as a challenge from students to their teacher to gain attention of celebrities on Tik Tok has turned into a huge fundraiser for Shriners Hospitals for Children. After being challenged to get noticed by Jack Black, Tony Hawk, and others, Ms. Sutherd challenged her students to donate their in-class “tickets” to turn them into real money and donate them to Shriners! When Ms. Sutherd shared this challenge on Tik Tok, it inspired a fundraiser that has raised almost $30,000!

If you want to watch Ms. Sutherd and her class’s journey, check out her Tik Tok! To join in on the donations, check out this website! Also, see her article on making a difference on her website.

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