California teen is marching 266 miles for climate justice

Curated by Nicoda Adams

“The climate crisis isn’t a future threat. It’s as real and tangible as the ash drifting across the sky. I’m no longer comforted by the thought that adults will clean up their mess. I feel outraged and hopeless.

That’s why I’m marching 266 miles, from Paradise to San Francisco, with fellow youth activists from the Sunrise Movement. We’re marching for climate justice and fighting for every community.

We dare to dream of a California where the air is safe to breathe, the water safe to drink and fire seasons are much less destructive. We dream of a world where everyone can sleep easily, knowing that when — because it’s no longer if but when — the fires come, they’ll still have a place to live and the guarantee of a job rebuilding their community to make it stronger.”

Young people taking charge and leading the way to change is what YDN loves to see! Hear more about these young people’s 266 mile journey from Paradise to San Francisco here.

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