Yes, Audiobooks Are Real Reading – Benefits for Young Readers

Curated by Vicki Stockbridge

Who loves a good book? I know I do and I get lost in audiobooks on a regular basis – and strongly agree with this authors article posted on The columnist shares “Audiobooks are for everyone—the busy professional who wants to enjoy a story on their commute, an active kid who can’t (or won’t) sit still but who loves an adventure, a struggling reader who just wants to know the same stories her peers do.”

Listening to an audiobook requires a different kind of focus; it’s all about listening actively. And for those for whom traditional text comprehension is elusive or presents a struggle, audiobooks open up a whole world of possibilities for enjoying amazing literature. Their minds grow while exploring interwoven plotlines, character development, story arcs and themes. These concepts and constructs, so critical to growth as a reader, would likely be beyond their reach if they are only permitted to interact with the work through print.

Listening to an audiobook, especially while being able to follow along with a print copy, increases fluency for some students. And last but certainly not least I have found that students have the confidence to explore new genres in an audiobook format because their upfront investment of reading ability is lower. They soak up new vocabulary, improve their visualization skills and engage with above-grade-level texts.

Click thru to the full article here it includes a number of audiobook recommendations for young people.

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