Penn State – Diversity Awareness

Information and publications to help our understanding of diversity awareness and foster open and positive communication channels. This database includes an overview of diversity awareness, resources, activities for youth and adults, discussion starters and presentations.

The Green Insiders’ Club

This report examines why decades of promises to diversify are falling short in the mainstream environmental movement. It is the most comprehensive report on diversity in the environmental movement. Key report findings include “The Green Ceiling,” unconscious bias, discrimination & insular recruiting, and lackluster effort and disinterest in addressing diversity. Although focused on the mainstream environmental movement, this report is relevant to all providers serving young people in an outdoor capacity.

The Practice of Culturally Relevant Education

This research synthesis by Brittany Aronson and Judson Laughter gives examples of research connecting Culturally Relevant Education to positive student outcomes across content areas.

5 Things You Can Do Now.

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