Remote school doesn’t have to be terrible. Here’s how to rethink virtual learning

Curated by Adrian Ruiz

The technology already exists. All that’s missing is the vision and the right partnerships.

Fast Company 4-16-21

Excerpt: “One of the big learnings from the COVID-19-induced school shutdowns is that virtual learning, quality education, and career readiness don’t need to be mutually exclusive. The failure of the curriculums that schools adopted early in the pandemic is that they attempted to replicate classroom learning in a remote environment. In order to provide students an equally rich—or even superior—educational experience, we need a curriculum designed specifically for virtual learning—ideally one that utilizes advances in adaptive artificial intelligence to deliver learning experiences that can be customized to students’ diverse learning styles.” Tell us what you think about this article that is challenging us to push forward into the world of virtual learning.

5 Things You Can Do Now.

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