Deaf U - A Netflix Original Reality Series (Rated TV-MA)

Curated by Meg Birmingham

Deaf U is a coming-of-age reality series following a tight-knit group of Deaf students at Gallaudet University, a renowned private college for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, in Washington, D.C. Just a warning this show definitely deserves it’s TV-MA rating, it gives you everything you would expect from a reality TV show about college students in 2019. The one big difference, which is why I have chosen to include it in this weeks TDNTS, is that these students are members of the Deaf community. This show gives a beautiful look into the lives of college students, including how typical challenges college students face are amplified by the unique contours of Deaf culture. I got through the whole series in one sitting, it’s a fun and easy watch. Watch the trailer for Deaf U here and find it on Netflix now. 

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