5 Easy Eye Exercises You Can Do Every Day

Curated by Vicki Stockbridge

Quick! What’s the strongest and fastest muscle in the human body?
No, it’s not your legs. It’s your eyes1,2. In simple terms, six eye muscles are constantly moving to readjust your eyeball so you can see. In just one hour of reading, the eye makes almost 10,000 coordinated movements2. So, it’s no surprise they need some rest.

I found this article posted on the eyeconic website blog and found it useful. I’ve printed the list and staged it next to my computer monitor to remind me to take a few minutes each day to devote to a bit of self-care. The list of five easy eye exercises will help keep the eye muscles strong.

  1. Warm up your eyes
  2. Improve your focus, near and far
  3. Roll your eyes
  4. Make a figure eight
  5. Follow the 20/20/20 rule

    Check out the article for a little more instructions on each of the exercises .. and keep your muscels strong.

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