2024 - A Year to Nourish Your Mental Health and Find Moments of Joy

Curated by Vicki Stockbridge

10 Ways to Support Your Mental Health in 2024

There has been a cultural shift in the way people talk about mental health since the height of the pandemic. We have begun to understand the importance of addressing emotional needs for overall well-being.

As a new year is underway, and we all look for helpful tips and resources to enhance our quality of life, this article provides tips for nourishing mental health, including strategies for better sleep, understanding and managing anxiety, breaking the worry cycle, tidying for mental well-being, practicing gratitude, adopting a positive outlook on aging, engaging in the arts, experiencing awe walks, and taking tech breaks to improve concentration.

Each tip is accompanied by insights from experts and research findings to support the suggested practices.

  1. Try a proven way to sleep better.
  2. Learn how to tell whether your anxiety is protective or problematic.
  3. Stop the worry cycle.
  4. Practice ‘5 things tidying.
  5. Embrace gratitude.
  6. Be optimistic about aging.
  7. Participate in the arts.
  8. Look for a little bit of awe every day.
  9. Take a tech break.
  10. Take a deep breath.

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