Facilitation Workshops

Whether youth are delivering peer to peer facilitation or your staff needs training based on how to keep meetings fun and engaging, the YDN team has workshops that provide tips and tools for leading trainings and courses. Facilitation skills can help youth leaders, managers, and program staff so that they can “move the room” and make sure your message gets across in a fun and impactful way.


Facilitation 101:

Examines staff’s role as facilitator versus teacher; learn how to set up group norms in a participatory way; learn about group development and how to create community; learn positive ways to get good behavior; examine ways to engage youth in the classroom or program.


Facilitation 202:

Learn about multiple learning modalities and how to incorporate them into classroom settings; learn a process for collaborative project planning so that teams can stay on track; learn tools to develop a learning community and trust in a group, and to resolve issues that get in the way of a strong learning community.


Making Virtual Meetings Fun, Impactful and Engaging:

Due to COVID-19 and the increased number of organizations moving to online platforms, this training is designed for participants to apply their unique leadership talents towards formulating interactive virtual workshops to support their team and organization engagement success.


Change Agents (2 day training):

Topics covered include understanding oppression and power, having a vision for change, examining your role as facilitator and leader, learning about historical change agents, examining what it means to be a change agent versus a change stopper, and examining what it means to be an organizer. Participants will learn about some of the tools organizers use: methods to identify an issue, how to do outreach, speaking to people in power, getting your message out and across, how to be effective in making a pitch for your ideas in front of a policy body, various ways to advocate for your position and ideas, and using SMART goals to help organize an event or a work plan towards action.


Student Peer Education Program

Peer Educators:

Learn basic skills for being a peer educator, the Peer Education program is a vehicle for a school or community-based service-learning project. YDN will train youth and their advisors to provide peer education to students on their campus and/or in their feeder schools.


Peer Mediators:

Learn basic skills for being a peer mediator, learn 21st century skills that speak specifically to what needs to be in place to set up cross-age programs, explore different conflict mediation models and techniques and interactive activities to reduce and mediate conflicts within the classroom and campus, learn best practices and program implementation strategies, Practice role-plays for use at school sites.

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