Gallup Press

Bestselling books from the premier name in analytics and advice. The mission of Gallup Press is to educate and inform the people who govern, manage, teach, and lead the world’s 7 billion citizens. Each book meets Gallup’s requirements of integrity, trust, and independence and is based on Gallup-approved science and research. The impressive Gallup Press catalog consists of more than 30 books on topics such as leadership, strengths, education, jobs, and well-being.

Gallup StrengthsQuest Resources

Gallup has created a resource center to support your efforts in building a strengths-based school or campus. The resources give you an overview of strengths-based development and StrengthsQuest. They also provide help in getting started with StrengthsQuest, suggested curriculum and activities, articles on how others are using StrengthsQuest, and research to support your efforts in creating a strengths-based culture.

Gallup Strengths Center –Strengths Coach’s Playbook

A forum for Gallup experts and outside contributors to share tactics, insights and strategies to help maximize the talents of individuals, teams and organizations everywhere. This site features a weekly updated coaching blog, webcasts, and the most current information on Meetup events.

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