Employee Engagement

Research done by Gallup shows that workplaces that focus on employees short comings and weaknesses are far less engaging than those who focus on the strengths and talents of their employees. This lack of engagement leads to a decrease in productivity in the work place and ultimately leads to a loss of impact.

The Relationship Between Employee Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Corporation Culture

This study examines the relationships between employee motivation, job satisfaction and corporate culture. It discusses how employees’ perceptions of the organizational culture related directly to their level of job satisfaction and how this correlation can be used to increase employee motivation and job satisfaction, which ultimately determine organizational performance.

Beyond Text: Constructing Organizational Identity Multimodally

Organizational scholars have proposed a broad range of theoretical approaches to the study of organizational identity. However, empirical studies on the construct have relied on text-based organizational identity descriptions, with little exploration of multiple intelligences, emotions and individual/collective identity representations. This paper reviews the empirical literature on organizational identity, and proposes a novel method for empirical study using three-dimensional construction toy materials.

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