How Team Development Interventions Increase Team Success

The rate of teamwork and collaboration within the workforce has burgeoned over the years, and the use of teams is projected to continue increasing. With the rise of teamwork comes the need for interventions designed to enhance teamwork effectiveness. Successful teams produce desired outcomes; however, it is critical that team members demonstrate effective processes to achieve these outcomes. Team development interventions (TDIs) increase effective team competencies and processes, thereby leading to improvements in proximal and distal outcomes. This article provides a review of four types of evidence-based TDIs including team training, leadership training, team building, and team debriefing.

Group Dynamics and Behavior

Individuals are always in interaction with other individuals outside, as well as in the group and with the group itself. This is why the social sciences emphasize the importance of group dynamics. Now new items such as cross cultural differences and impacts, migration, social status and identity, demographic diversities, leadership, job performance, motivation, dynamics in sport teams, organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), ethics, healthcare have been investigated in the studies on the groups and group dynamics. This study provides general information about the studies on the groups and group dynamics.

Employee Engagement

Research done by Gallup shows that workplaces that focus on employees short comings and weaknesses are far less engaging than those who focus on the strengths and talents of their employees. This lack of engagement leads to a decrease in productivity in the work place and ultimately leads to a loss of profit.

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